Owner / Operators

Whether you have one truck or a small fleet, we can maximize your weekly revenue.

Our Core Values:

Consistency | Revenue you can guarantee week-to-week and month-to-month.

Accuracy | We book loads according to your weight and regional restrictions.

Availability | Our dedicated team is ready to dispatch trucks 24-hours a day.

Honesty | Open and transparent with owners and drivers about rates.

Flexibility | Get back home when you want and never forced dispatch.

Go where the money is

Owners & drivers are our customers, not shippers. That means, our priority is getting you the best loads, not picking up a shipper's order every day. We get you to the lanes and areas that are paying the highest per mile.

Our numbers,
and what they say.

Average miles/week

Our over-the-road drivers cover all 48-states and stay out five-days or more.

Median dollar per mile (dry van)

In a seven-day period, we strive to average above two dollars per mile for all miles driven, including empty miles. Other types of equipment will average higher.

Weight per load (pounds)

No driver likes heavy loads, but the good paying hauls are usually full truckloads. We try to keep the weight of the loads as light as possible.

Work with your equipment,
or use ours.

Dry Van
Dry Van
Power Only
Power Only

What do real owner operators
think of us?

"In 2016, I got myself a Conestoga trailer in hope to find better rates, seemed like no one could keep me moving though. That all changed as soon as I joined BigRig. They keep my truck loaded and these rate confirmations that I see come through give me peace of mind, I tell you I couldn’t be happier!"

Courtney Hatcher

"I was looking for a company that could keep my four trucks running when I went out of town. BigRig Dispatchers was able to handle all of the day-to-day calls and paperwork from my drivers. They even invoice my factoring company and handle all the billing for me! I can finally turn off my phone when I go out of town."

Charles McClaren

"I first used BigRig Dispatchers to help with getting me back-hauls for a dedicated load out of Denver. When the dedicated lane stopped in the winter, BigRig started booking all my loads. They doubled my weekly revenue and freed up my time looking for loads in my truck. Wish I would have found them a long time ago."

Sandra O. Mitchel

“They have an amazing team that cares about me and my company. BigRig Dispatchers helped us go from leasing on our trucks to getting our own authority. I have added three trucks with them and they've never had my drivers waiting around for a load in two years.”

Marcos Valtea

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