At first glance, you immediately think Telsa truck competitor. However, this rig is still using good old fashioned diesel. A company named, Airflow, with their Starship truck aims to smash the fuel efficiency record in a truck hauling 80,000 pounds. While the likes of Nikola, Tesla, Daimler, Thor, and Volvo struggle to use electric drivetrains to cover coast-to-coast hauling, the Starship is looking to better the 10.1 mpg for a state-of-the-art truck available today.

The company has also built a trailer that is covered in 5,000 kW of solar panels, charging batteries that provide house power for the sleeper cab when its time for a road break. While modern trucks are retrofitted with aerodynamic trailer skirts and tails to minimize drag, the Starship has been built with low-drag coefficient skirts covering both the trailer axles, the drive axles of the cab, and grille shutters. A unique aerodynamic profile, a boat tail on the back of the trailer and a cab completely reconstructed from carbon fiber, gives this behemoth the potential to achieve sedan-like mpg. Not to mention, it uses hybrid electric axles to give the truck a boost up hills.